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Fall Season 2016

Hollywood Red Carpet - October 8/9

Halloween Scream - October 29/30

Circus Invitational - November 19/20

Holiday Spectacular - December 10/11

Spring Season 2017

Kool-Aid Cup - January 14/15

Hershey Classic - February 18/19

Shamrock Invitational - March 04/05

AAU Championships - April 08/09

All of our gymnastics meets will again be sanctioned by AAU USA. AAU provides us with an incredibly opportunity to serve you in a way we haven’t been able to before. AAU offers an internationally recognized name and brand, a true national championships and a simplified and structured way of doing things. We are now part of a national community that is truly set on principles we can all admire. We are very happy to be linked with AAU USA. Through sanctions with AAU we will provide competition for levels 1-8 and Xcels.
METRO GYMNASTICS MEETS - Last year Gymnet Sports became Metro Gymnastics Meets. The name Gymnet Sports was born many years ago when Tom Burgdorf developed his business to network with and help the gymnastics community. Tom had an incredibly successful newsletter, published manuals on everything from dealing with problem parents to making birthday parties in the gym more successful and also traveled around the country conducting seminars teaching clubs the ins and outs of gym ownership. Now we are more focused on the St. Louis gymnastics meets and thought a new fresh name was a good idea. Oddly enough though, our “new fresh name” is neither new or fresh. Metro Gymnastics was the name our meets were run under for the first 20yrs we ran them. We think its pretty awesome to bring it back!

Your Meet Director

Tom Burgdorf has 50yrs of experience directing the largest and most successful gymnastics league in St. Louis. He was a national clinician for 25 years and is a former gym club owner. Tom has been invited to lecture at 11 USA Gymnastics National Congresses and was co-director of three Region 4 Congresses. He has been a meet director for well over 200 gymnastics meets. Rounding out his resume are the over 150 staff training lectures he has given at gyms all over the country. What a resume!

Your Judges

We hire the most dedicated and most competent judges in the Midwest. They train extensively and are USA gymnastics certified. Our judges have proven themselves over decades as professional and extremely caring. They believe that gymnastics is an educational opportunity to help your daughter grow and don't be surprised if you see them smiling, encouraging and whispering praise in your gymnasts ears from time to time. We love that about them and highly encourage it at our meets.

Your Awards

We always start the awards less than 5min after the last routine! We present custom meet themed medals and trophies to the top 50% +1 of those entered in each age group. Those that do not receive medals will be awarded ribbons for the events they compete in. Team trophies will also be presented and every gymnast on a placing team will receive a team medal. We take pride in how we recognize each gymnast and all the positive feedback from the parents and coaches we receive at each meet.